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Update notice 15th December 2011

Further development and maintenance of the OpenDataNI website has been suspended.
Please visit data.gov.uk to find data relating to Northern Ireland.

Further information

OpenDataNI was originally set up as a pilot by the Information Strategy and Innovation Division within the Department of Finance and Personnel (Northern Ireland). The purpose of the site was to:

  • increase public access to information and data produced by Northern Ireland government departments, agencies and non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs).
  • help the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) learn about publishing datasets

Although the site has been well received it has not been developed any further as the priority for the NICS, and in turn the staff working on OpenDataNI, shifted to the development of www.nidirect.gov.uk and the consolidation of all citizen facing information on to it.

Efforts are again turning to data publication which is currently being considered as part of work to develop an Information Management Strategy for the NICS. We are also following developments in Whitehall with data.gov.uk and the work to set up a Public Data Corporation to further the data publication agenda.

In the meantime please visit data.gov.uk to find data relating to Northern Ireland.